Critics Excited About Second CMS Archive CDs

Woodstock, NY, March 16, 2016 – Music critics are enthusiastically praising the second three-CD set from the Creative Music Studio Archive Project.  “Delicious,” “wide-ranging,” “fertile explorations, genuine adventures” and “outstanding” are just a few of the phrases that capture their impressions of this important new release.  “Creative Music Studio Archive Selections Volume 2" has garnered critical raves in JazzTimes, Jazz Weekly, New York City Jazz Record, and many others. The three CD set is available for sale here and at retailers around the world. Downloads are available at  CDBaby .  Below is a sample of what the reviewers are saying:

“…to immerse oneself in this music is to travel back to a faraway time more innocent than our own, when avant-garde jazz and world music were passionate with fresh discovery, and full of faith…the campus in Woodstock, where cultural crosspollination was a religion, is where world music was born.”
-Jazz Times

“The Small Ensemble disc has a duet between Anthony Braxton and Marilyn Crispell through 13 minutes of wide ranging exploration. Drummer Paul Motian trios up with Charles Brackeen and David Izenzon for a wild and free wheeling ‘Mushi Mushi’ while Lee Konitz bops like it’s 1949 on ‘Oleo’ …all of these sessions were from the late 70s, a heady time for post bop sounds.”
- Jazz Weekly

“There is so much here that is very good and absorbing in varied ways that it defies easy summarization…it captures a broad spectrum of new improvised music/jazz at a crucial period and documents music and ensembles with examples that flesh out the recorded legacy of these artists with music that differs from or extends the recorded repertoire in very good ways. It is a testament to the importance and vibrancy of the Creative Music Studio and the artists that graced us with their presence there. The three CDs are welcome additions, fertile explorations, genuine adventures made at the height of the loft scene and the aftermath. And it of course is a tribute to Karl Berger and his creative presence both in the musical examples and as the organizing force behind a critical institution.  It is all very worthwhile, music I think you will be glad to have and hear repeatedly. Outstanding!”
-Gapplegate Music Reviews 

“Hearing Lee Konitz jam with George Lewis is delicious, as is Charles Brackeen with Paul Motian and David Izenzon. But the first meeting of Anthony Braxton and Marilyn Crispell takes the cake. An amazing moment to have been captured, it lives up to all expectations…Baikida Carroll’s track moves from shimmering impressionism to a section somewhat reminiscent of Ascension and then into a modal/ postbop line and features strong blowing from the leader and Crispell, among others. But Gerry Hemingway’s “Revolution Poem” is the most ambitious. Evoking a sped-up George Russell big band, this uptempo romp presents a series of very hot soloists over dense but effective writing.”
-New York City Jazz Record

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